About Us


First of all we would like to introduce ourselves:

SILVERDRAGON ( PT. Singaruda ) has been producing hand-made Sterling silver jewelry since 1978. The particular handcrafting capabilities of Silver- and Gold-smiths in conjunction with precious metals and gemstones have always created extraordinary jewelry collections. Over the years, modern techniques and materials have raised this ancient art to new levels in keeping with the international market. Our Designers create their collections to reflect the most up to date modern trends.

Beside our own designs, we also work together with other designers and producers, to be able to offer our customers a broader spectrum of choices. It is also important to us to work closely with our clientele to produce their own designs and collections according to their personal requirements; and produce these exclusively for them.

Amongst our customers, we number catalog companies, store chains, and wholesale businesses and internet businesses throughout the world. Quality and excellence of workmanship are our highest priority, in order to provide our customers with beautiful jewelry of international standards. Our jewelry is mainly produced in Asia, but also in other countries.

This website will show you a small portion of our collection in order to illustrate our capabilities and perhaps motivate you to find a new business relationship with us.

We hope you enjoy your view